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QHSE, Technical Advisory & Training Services

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Accredited Safety Trainings
Accredited Safety Trainings
Certified & Accredited International Courses
Management System Consulting
Management System Consulting
Get International accredited certification for your industry
Bespoke Industrial Courses
Bespoke Industrial Courses
Skill development training to raise safety standards.
Trademark & Registration
Trademark & Registration
Secure & Certify your brand name & company logo


HSEI epitomizes Excellence and Expertise in the field of Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment inspection, consultancy and training services. Today we stand tall in our domain by sheer commitment, perseverance and the perpetual drive to keep contributing to HSE at-large.

Our services span across a multitude of sectors including Maritime, Oil & Gas, Food, Logistics, Health-Care, Power Generation & Supply, and Construction industries, with some of the esteemed names of these sectors being our trusted partners for years. We provide Inspection, Testing and Certification service for a wide array of equipment to equip our clients with the best tools to enhance their QHSE performance. Our team personifies innovation, expertise and commitment towards excellence, offering their skill, knowledge and experience in leading our clients to a better future.

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